How to design elearning templates to fit a company’s brand


When a company is new to elearning one of their top priorities is to get the look and feel of any elearning consistent. This means all their learning products will look like they’ve been produced by the same people or place. Unless the company is outsourcing the look and feel to an external graphic designer this job often falls into the elearning instructional designers basket.

Most elearning instructional designers didn’t start off as graphic designers, so here are some tips on how to design elearning templates to fit a company’s brand when you’re not a graphic design expert.

Use what exists already

It’s likely the company you’re working for all ready has some look and feel styles with their internal and external communications. Look at the templates the company already uses e.g. standard Powerpoint templates, facilitated training templates. It’s also a good idea to look at the company’s external and internal websites. If elearning will be designed for internal staff the staff intranet is often a good starting point.

What features to include in the template?

Colours: by looking at the company’s internet and intranet pages you’ll be able to see what colours brand the company. Use the same colours in your elearning templates so they look like they belong to the same company and brand.

Company logo: From looking at the websites you should be able to identify the company logo or image that can be incorporated into your elearning templates.

Graphic features: Look to see what type of graphical features you could borrow from the company’s websites to incorporate into your elearning templates. This can include the type of imagery whether they use photos, animations, or clipart to get their message across.

Navigation features: You could also navigational features of their website to inspire the navigation features in your elearning template, for example, the buttons or menus on their website.

Here’s an example of a quick mock-up on a NZ bank company (done for demonstration only).

The company’s website

Internet site

 Example elearning template to fit company’s brand

co-op elearning template

It can also be useful to talk to the marketing or communications department to check there is no planned rebranding coming up that will effect your elearning templates.

What else you consider when developing an elearning template?

What are your thoughts?

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