Putting personality back into text

woman peeking out, cartoon comics speech bubble, vector drawing

When using text in elearning you can use the standard fonts in your program or you can choose to inject personality into your text by using other more original fonts. Fonts are much more than just text on a screen they are an important graphic element of your design. Using fonts effectively is a powerful way to create atmosphere and personality in your elearning course. Oh-la-la just wouldn’t have the same effect in a standard Arial or Calibri font.

With downloaded fonts you can create emotion in your text and give characters and conversations personality. Comic fonts are often good for creating realistic conversation voices. The example below shows the different between using a standard font and a downloaded comic font:

comic font conversations

When designing a handwritten note the standard fonts from within a program don’t give realistic examples of handwritten text also the few standard options of handwritten font are so overused they become familiar and boring. You will have much more options of making the writing look realistic by downloading other handwritten fonts.

handwritten font

You can also use fonts to help build up a setting or environment by matching the type of font to the type of environment. For example, what sort of settings or environments do you think the below fonts suit?

horror font

army font

retro font

Free fonts

Using fonts outside of your rapid elearning tool is not only effective, quick and easy to do, you can also do it for free!!

Here are a couple of my favourite sites for downloading free fonts:



Here’s another great post from one of my guru’s, Tom Kulhman. It illustrates the process in selecting fonts and why they are important in your elearning course:


What tips/thoughts do you have for using fonts in elearning? Please feel free to share in the comment section.

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